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Welcome to the Vesttafel, the Restaurant at the Engelsburg

Delicious food, warm atmosphere, stimulating conversation – these and other wishes have brought you here to us!?

We do our utmost to fulfil all such wishes.

Our kitchen team cooks colourfully and creatively, regionally and internationally.

Wherever possible, we use local products. We deliberately abstain from buying products containing artificial additives or genetically modified food and pay particular attention to sustainability and fair trade. The meat is produced by responsible farmers who care about animal welfare, and the fish comes from sustainable catches or high-quality breeding sources.

Many of our dishes are gluten or lactose-free, please don’t hesitate to ask us! A menu with more detailed allergy information is available on request. Please inform us of any special nutritional requirements.

Our service team relies on personal and cordial contact, and takes pleasure in advising you, making a recommendation and in bringing you our carefully selected wine list.

Do you have a special wish?
Is there anything more we can do for you? Please don’t hesitate to ask.

We take great satisfaction in the knowledge that you feel pleased and satisfied on your departure.

Finally – we pay close attention to the most recent hygiene regulations: you should feel well-catered for in every way.

It is a pleasure for us to welcome you to and we wish you a comfortable and enjoyable stay!

Your team at the
„VESTTAFEL“- the Engelsburg restaurant

Your contacts:
Dustin Burbaum (Head Chef) / Sebastian Benz (Deputy Restaurant Manager)
Susanna Goesmann (General Manager)

We are open

Monday - Saturday
17:00 p.m. - 22:00 p.m.
Day off

Take care. Stay healthy!

Your team from the Parkhotel Engelsburg & Restaurant Vesttafel

“around the world” from our creative basket

pear • Argentinian fire shrimp • chilli • shallot • cherry • blood orange • spinach • paprika • potato • saddle of vension • ginger • honey • pepper • fennel • flamed char fish • celeriac • pumpkin • truffle

Using these ingredients, our chef, Dustin Burbaum and his team will create a menu rich in fantasy and innovation for you.

Please let us know if you prefer
meat alternative
or a vegetarian alternative
for your main course.

4 - course from the creative basket

€ 69,00

5 - course from the creative basket

€ 79,00

Accompanied by wine on request
4 – course: € 18,00
5 – course: € 23,00

Surprise-Menu “around the world”

Vesttafel Menu

Oxtail essence, leek and beech mushrooms


Yellow-tailed mackerel, young kale, cous cous, garlic broth, mussels & spinach oil


Wild boar cheeks, black salsify duet, layered potato cake & truffle


Tamarind crème brûlée & matcha tea sorbet

As a 3-course menu 39,90 € (with wild boar cheeks)
As a 4-course menu 56,90 €

Vegetarian Menu

Foam soup from Hokkaido pumpkin, Vadouvan curry oil & pistachios


Beetroot, potato, truffle, young kale & smoked tofu


Pear, ginger & honey

31,90 €


Hokkaido pumpkin foam soup, Vadouvan curry oil & pistachios
6,90 €

Oxtail essence, leek & beech mushrooms
7,90 €

Carpaccio of beef, peas, pineapple & black garlic
15,90 €

Yellow-tailed mackerel, oyster, apple, Amalfi lemon & saffron
17,90 €

Veal sausage
Curry sauce, flambéd pineapple, truffle French fries & truffle mayonnaise
12,90 €


Vesttafel - eat, drink and enjoy!

What is Vadouvan?

Vadouvan is an Indian spice mixture, comprising of onions, garlic, cumin seeds, mustard seeds and fennel seeds. This spice mixture is traditionally dried in the sun and then milled.

What is an Amalfi lemon?

Amalfi lemons come from Amalfi on the coast of southern Italy. Not only the aroma and flesh of the fruit, but also the zest has a markedly more intensive flavour than a customary lemon.

What is black garlic?

Black garlic is actually normal white garlic, which has changed its colour due to a special process of fermentation. This process takes place over a time period of several weeks under conditions of both high humidity and temperature.

Main course

Rump steak, sweetheart cabbage, bacon, beetroot & parmesan purée
27,90 €

Fillet of beef, pumpkin cream, peas, truffle French fries & béarnaise foam
36,90 €

Wild boar cheeks, black salsify duet, layered potato cake, & truffle
26,90 €

Original Wiener schnitzel, French fries, side salad & cranberries
25,90 €



Tagliatelle pasta, Enoki, truffle foam & parmesan cheese
19,90 €

Yellow-tailed mackerel, young kale, cous cous, garlic broth, mussels & spinach oil
30,90 €

Flamed char fish, fennel, pumpkin & blood orange
27,90 €

The Vesttafel highlights fresh German and International cuisine in its different features.

What is Béarnaise sauce?

Béarnaise sauce is a warm, beaten butter sauce, similar to a sauce hollandaise. It contains additional spices, such as: tarragon, chervil, or shallots. The Vesttafel restaurant’s béarnaise sauce is freshly prepared by our own chefs.

What is Enoki?

Also known as the velvet stem mushroom, enoki is a wild mushroom, predominantly cultivated in Asia. It has a characteristically mild, sweet aroma and is occasionally used as a homeopathic remedy.

What is a yellow-tailed mackerel?

A yellow-tailed mackerel is a saltwater fish with solid flesh. It can grow to two and a half metres in length and can weigh up to 96 kilograms. The flesh is white to pale pink in colour and has a slightly mineral taste.


Tamarind crème brûlée & matcha ice cream
7,90 €

Pear, ginger & honey
8,90 €

Beetroot, blueberry & ruby chocolate
8,90 €



We wish you a very pleasant evening. Enjoy your meal!

We have a wide range of exclusive spirits ready for you. Please ask our service team for recommendations.

It‘s nice when so much hospitality comes under one roof.

What are tamarinds?

Tamarinds are the pods of the tamarind tree which probably originates in Africa. They have a characteristically pleasant sweet and sour taste.

What is matcha?

Matcha is a ground Japanese green tea, which has a sweet aroma. The riper the leaves, the more bitter the taste becomes. Matcha has been used in Japanese cooking for some time and is used as an ingredient in many milk and fruit dishes.

What is ruby chocolate?

Besides plain, milk and white chocolate, there is the less well-known ruby chocolate, which is recognized as a variety in itself. Its pink colour arises from a special roasting and fermentation process. It has a particularly harmonious fruity taste.