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Welcome to the Vesttafel, the Restaurant at the Engelsburg

If you hunger for delicious food, ambience, or stimulating conversation, then you have arrived at the right address, here at the Vesttafel, the restaurant at the Engelsburg Hotel, where we do our utmost to fulfil all these requirements.

Our kitchen team has created a menu with an international perspective, together with a delicious selection of regional dishes, selecting regional products wherever possible.

We deliberately refrain from using artificial additives or genetically modified food and pay particular attention to sustainability and fair trade. We only select meat produced by responsible farmers who care about animal welfare, fish from sustainable catches or high-quality breeding sources.
Many of our dishes are gluten or lactose-free, please don’t hesitate to ask. A menu with more detailed allergy information is available on request. Please inform us of any special nutritional requirements.

Our service team relies on personal and cordial contact and takes pleasure in ensuring you leave us feeling satisfied.

Do you have a special wish?
If there is anything more we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to ask.

And last but not least, we are strictly adhering to the current hygiene regulations: you can feel secure in the knowledge that we are making every effort to cater for your comfort and well-being.

It is a pleasure for us to welcome you to our hotel and restaurant. We wish you a comfortable and enjoyable stay!

Your team at the
„VESTTAFEL“- the restaurant at the Engelsburg

Your contacts:
Dustin Burbaum (head chef) / Sebastian Benz (deputy restaurant manager)
Susanna Goesmann (General Manager)

Our 3-course-Menu in July

Pickled red mullet | Vintage tomato varieties | Gazpacho-soup | Horseradish | Basil-oil

Breast of corn-fed chicken | porcini mushroom ravioli | yellow peas | potato cake
Sweet potato and lentil curry | wild broccoli | soy beans | yellow beetroot

Banana | cherry | chocolate | hazelnut dessert

29,00 €

We are open

Monday - Saturday
17:00 p.m. - 22:00 p.m.
Day off

Take care. Stay healthy!

Your team from the Parkhotel Engelsburg & Restaurant Vesttafel

Surprise-Menu - around the world

Banana • vintage tomato varieties • Chocolate • Pulp • ale • Radish • Kohlrabi • Kimchi • Corn chicken • Chanterelle • Wolffish • Basil • Cherry • Potato • Hazelnut • Yuzu • Radicchio • Red mullet • Lamb • Yellow peas • Shitake mushrooms

From these ingredients our chef Dustin Burbaum and his crew creat an imaginativ and innovative menu just for you

Please let us know if you prefer

4 - course Menu

€ 69,00
(including wine- or an alcohol-free accompaniment)

Bon Appetit and an enjoyable evening from our Team at the Vesttafel


Kohlrabi-soup | porcini-mushroom-ravioli
6,90 €

Clear minestrone soup | summer vegetables
7,90 €

Beef-carpaccio | crispy quinoa | Japanese-style soft-boiled egg | miso soup
15,90 €

octopus carpaccio | lime oil | tomato | basil
14,90 €

Veal sausage
Curry sauce | flambéd pineapple | truffle French fries| truffle mayonnaise
12,90 €



Caesar salad
Romaine (Cos) lettuce | croutons | parmesan cheese
9,90 €

other options:
corn-fed chicken breast  + 5,50
king prawns   + 6,50
green asparagus   + 4,50
chanterelles   + 6,50

Vesttafel - eat, drink and enjoy!

Main course

Charolais rump steak from Angelkorte farm in Nordkirchen
braised carrots| potato-mustard crème brûlée | gravy

Beef fillet steak
chimichurri salsa | Korean kimchi vegetables | lotus root
35,90 €

Saddle of lamb| chanterelle mushrooms| summer vegetables | potatoes
31,90 €

Boiled beef | horseradish | Yellow peas | summer vegetables | potato balls
23,90 € Original Wiener schnitzel | warm potato and lambs lettuce salad | pumpkin seed oil | cranberries
24,90 €



Sweet potato and lentil curry| wild broccoli | soy beans | yellow beetroot
17,90 €

Tagliatelle | lime-flavoured oyster mushrooms | truffle foam | parmesan cheese
19,90 €

Catfish fillet | celery | potatoes | buttermilk
25,90 €

Red mullet | braised spinach | kohlrabi | butter sauce | dill-oil
23,90 €

The Vesttafel highlights fresh German and International cuisine in its different features.


Coffee-crème brûlée | cherry-sorbet
6,90 €

Sorbet varieties
raspberry | mango
6,90 €

Banana | cherry | chocolate | hazelnut | Yuzu fruit
7,90 €



Enjoy your dinner!

We have a wide range of exclusive spirits ready for you. Please ask our service team for recommendations.

It‘s nice when so much hospitality comes under one roof.

Vesttafel Menu

Kohlrabi-soup | porcini-mushroom-ravioli

Boiled beef | horseradish | Yellow peas | summer vegetables | potato balls

Coffee crème brûlée | cherry-sorbet

36,90 €

Vegetarian Menu

Clear minestrone soup | summer vegetables

Sweet potato and lentil curry | wild broccoli | soy beans | yellow beetroot

banana, raspberry or mango sorbet

30,90 €

Bon Appetit

and an enjoyable evening wishes you our Team of the Vesttafel:
Head-chef Dustin Burbaum
with Sous-chef Dustin Burbaum and their colleagues:
Lukas van Haren
Jan Mörschner
Melanie Geschwentner
Jetone Rama
Anna Schnetger
Dennis Honisch

Deputy restaurant manager Sebastian Benz
and our service team:
Aylin Steinmetz
Lena Thiel
Anika Drinkuth
Gianluca Cinquemani
Kanha Nhean