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Theme in September

Taboule | Halloumi | Harissa-yoghurt


Vegetable-Tajine | Couscous | Saffron
Chicken- Tajine | Couscous | Saffron


Baklava | Honey-cardamom-ice-cream | roasted figs

Small encyclopedia of our oriental cuisine

Taboulé is a refreshing salad, a traditional dish from the middle-eastern area. It consists of bulgur and parsley.

Halloumi is a cheese, from the isle of Cyprus. This cheese is made from the milk of cows, goats and sheep. In Germany it is known as ,,Grillkäse”, to roast it on a Barbecue.

Harissa is a hot paste from northafrica, which is made of chili, cumin, coriander-seeds, garlic, salt and olive-oil. Today Harrisa is also used in the Arabic countries, Europe and Israel.

Tajine is an Moroccan stew, it can be made with chicken, lamb or even vegetarian. A lot of spices and herbs make it very tasty.

Ras-el-hanout is a classic oriental spice blend with an intense flavour of nutmeg, allspice, ginger and cardamom.

Baklava is a specialty that contains syrup, honey, walnuts, almonds, pistachio and mainly puff pastry.

Theme in September

„Vegetarian – oriental“


Chickpea-soup | Pita bread
7,90 €


Taboulé | Halloumi | Harissa yoghurt
12,90 €


Vegetable-Tajine | Couscous | saffron


Stuffed, roasted tomatoes | Feta cheese | apricot rice
19,90 €

Braised lamb haunch
Ras-el-hanout | jewels of Persia rice
26,50 €


Baklava | honey-cardamom-ice-cream | roasted figs
9,50 €


Dining deliciously, enjoying the ambience, having stimulating conversations – these wishes lead you to us? We are doing everything we can to meet these requirements.

Our kitchen crew has given the menu an international orientation, but also a tasty selection of regional dishes. Where possible, regional products are used. We deliberately refrain from buying artificial additives or genetically produced food and pay particular attention to sustainability and fair trade. The meat comes from responsible and species-appropriate farmers, our fish sustainable catches or from high-quality breeding places.
Our service team relies on personal and cordial contact and is particularly looking forward to seeing you on your way home with complete satisfaction.

Do you have a special wish?
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We are very pleased that you are with us and wish you a pleasant stay!

Your team of
„VESTTAFEL“ – the restaurant in the Engelsburg

Your contact person:
Thomas Große (chef)
Christina Mauk (restaurant manager)
Susanna Goesmann (Managing Director)


Vesttafel – Tapas
Bayonne ham | Italien olives | greenshell mussel zucchini salad | lime aioli

Goat´s cheese-nut-bar
apple rocket salad | cocoa-vinegar-ice cream
12, 90

Grilled shrimps
baby leaf salad | pumpkin seed oil-vinaigrette | manchego

Carpaccio of Wagyu
parmesan | lime oil | baby leaf salad

Stained halibut
beetroot | horseradish | pumpernickel



Rutabaga appel soup | peanut crunch

Wagyu-Beef Shabu-Shabu | tuber vegetables

Vesttafel - eat, drink and enjoy!


is a japanese fondue dish. Shabu shabu is traditionally made out of thin scliced meat and vegetables which is served with a dip. We reinterpreted our Shabu Shabu into a soup with sliced Wagyu beef.

Wagyu Beef
The Wagyu is a breed of cattle originally from Japan and the world’s most expensive domestic cattle. Wagyu beef – which stems from the Kobe breed – is raised in a natural environment with a strong emphasis on animal welfare and is entirely free of artificial additives, growth hormones, steroids or antibiotics. The natural and species-appropriate breeding programme guarantees the meat’s purity.

The Greenshell Mussel
The scallop of this type of mussel is soft and has a spicy taste. The greenshell mussels resemble our common mussels and are popularly known as New Zealand mussels. Like the regular mussels the greenshell mussels grow on mussel beds. The greenshell mussels are bred sustainable in aquaculture to protect the endangered wildlife.

Main course

Marbled fillet of Canada Beef (200 g)
sprout chilli vegetable | mashed horseradish potatoes

„Crying Tiger“
Rump Steak Canadian Beed | soya dip | basmati

„Wiener Schnitzel“ of veal
warm potato salad | cranberries

Rump steak from Heritage Angus Canadian beef (200g)
onion mustard crust | fried potatoes | dill cucumber salad

Wagyu Burger (150g)
BBQ-date-sauce | shallot | cheddar | „handmade Focaccia” | Steakhouse Fries



„Fish finger“(from our series „Modern Classics“)
Saint Pierre fillet | lime breadcrumb coating | pear risotto | Noilly Prat sauce

„Poké Bowl“
-rice | vegetable | halibut | salmon

„Vegane Bowl“
-rice | vegetable | currycrumble | cashews

Truffled Tagliatelle
grated truffle | Peccorino

The Vesttafel highlights fresh German and International cuisine in its different features.

"Main course-glossary"

What are Poké-Bowls?
The so-called Poké-Bowls are originate from Hawaii, but have been experiencing a real hype in New York and LA.
The most important ingredient for the dish is fish, which is eaten raw like the Japanese Sashimi or Korean Hoedeopbap. Basically, the fatter the fish is, the more tender it tastes when raw. The seasoning is a marinade, which consists of soy sauce, oil and exotic spices like ginger, lime or hot pastes. The base of the dish is rice, quinoa or salad. Add crunchy vegetables and delicious toppings and the exotic excursion is complete.

Heritage Angus Beef (CDN)
The Heritage Angus Beef comes from cattle that originate in the Canadian province of Alberta. These animals grow up in a natural environment and bred without the use of antibiotics, added hormones or steroids. They have never been kept in a cowshed in their life. Framers place a high value on maximum sustainability - from rearing to shipping. The meat is extraordinarily tender and tasty.

What is „Crying Tiger”?
„Crying Tiger“ is a traditional Thai dish also known as Suea Rong Hai – in fish sauce marinated meat sautéd with garlic, coriander, chilli and ginger. A legend says that this Thai dish is so delicious it even sets a tiger off crying. Slices of beef are compared with the tigers tears. But it´s only a myth…;-)


Vanilla - Crème brûlée

Taste of white rum and raspberry
mousse | jelly | brittle

Crispy chocolate cannelloni
pear confit | almonds

„Café Gourmand“
Espresso or Coffee with three small surprises

Cheese Fondue differently
(preparation time at least 15 min)
Vacherin - Mont d'or | bread selection | grapes

Dessert variation for two - let us surprise you



ice cream and sorbets:
Sorbet infused with Crémant
Sorbet with Absolut Vodka


Sorbets per scoop / 2,50 €
Pear - Lemon
Blackcurrant - Cherry

Ice cream per scoop / 2,00 €
Carmelia - Chocolate
Cinnamon - Vanilla

We have a wide range of local and other brand name spirits ready for you. Please ask our service team for recommendations.

It‘s nice when so much hospitality comes under one roof.


Vacherin - mont d'or
The Vacherin Mont-d’Or AOP is an unique soft cheese speciality from Waadtländer Jura. For over 100 years the cheese is lovingly made by hand in Vallée de Joux just to ripen in traditional Affinage-cellar to an exquisite, smooth taste. The cheese gets his taste from the local pine-wood which gives it a special scent of tannin. Vacherin Mont-d’Or AOP is originally produced from October until spring time because of the shortage of milk during winter time. Later on it became tradition. Today the production time takes from the end of September until April.

Valrhona has created Caramélia to combine the delicacy of caramel with an exciting chocolate. Unlike milk chocolate with caramel flavour, Valrhona uses real caramel based on skimmed milk and butter as the main ingredient, creating a unique creaminess. Taste experiments in the kitchen showed that several years of research were needed to develop a recipe that could be produced on a large scale. This delicious creation presents itself with a delicate, creamy consistency, which is particularly suitable for casting figures.