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Dining deliciously, enjoying the ambience, having stimulating conversations – these wishes lead you to us? We are doing everything we can to meet these requirements.

Our kitchen crew has given the menu an international orientation, but also a tasty selection of regional dishes. Where possible, regional products are used. We deliberately refrain from buying artificial additives or genetically produced food and pay particular attention to sustainability and fair trade. The meat comes from responsible and species-appropriate farmers, our fish sustainable catches or from high-quality breeding places.
Our service team relies on personal and cordial contact and is particularly looking forward to seeing you on your way home with complete satisfaction.

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Your team of
„VESTTAFEL“ – the restaurant in the Engelsburg

Your contact person:
Thomas Große (chef)
Christoph Kramkowski (restaurant manager)
Susanna Goesmann (Managing Director)


Ceviche | baby corn | purple potato slices
12,50 €

Vesttafel – Tapas
Smoked ham from the Pyrenees Cream of tomato and balsamico | hummus | „handmade focaccia” Italian olives
13,50 €
Vegetarian option
10,50 €

Smoked scallops | red lentil salad Purple curry yogurt
16,50 €

Baby leaf salad | raspberry vinaigrette | chopped parmesan with grilled prawns
13,50 €
with beef fillet strips
19,50 €

Carpaccio from Wagyu | parmesan cheese Lime oil | baby leaf salad
15,50 €

Truffled tagliarini | fresh grated truffle
16,50 €



Cold cucumber-coconut soup | goat cheese | bacon
7,50 €

Tomato essence | basil dumpling
6,50 €

Vesttafel - eat, drink and enjoy!


For any Ceviche we mainly use traditional white-fleshed fish (e.g. turbot) but also salmon or tuna are suitable for this dish. The fish is cut into thin slices or diced and then marinated for about 15 minutes in lemon juice. As a result, the protein is denatured similar to a form of cooking process. The fish in the Ceviche is consequently not completely raw, as with Sashimi, but slightly cooked.

Wagyu Beef
The Wagyu is a breed of cattle originally from Japan and the world’s most expensive domestic cattle. Wagyu beef – which stems from the Kobe breed – is raised in a natural environment with a strong emphasis on animal welfare and is entirely free of artificial additives, growth hormones, steroids or antibiotics. The natural and species-appropriate breeding programme guarantees the meat’s purity.

Main course

„Bean stew“ | cashew parmesan caramelized green asparagus (vegan)

Bentheimer pork fillet sous vide
„Aceto“ balsamico | mashed potatoes | pine nuts dried tomatoes | summer vegetables

„Wiener Schnitzel“ of veal warm potato salad | cranberries

„Fish finger“(from our series „Modern Classics“)
Saint Pierre fillet | lime breadcrumb coating quinoa | herbal remoulade

„Poké Bowl“ !
rice | vegetable | salmon | tuna
17,50 €



Rump steak from Heritage Angus Canadian beef
onion mustard crust | fried potatoes | dill cucumber salad
200g 25,50 €
300g 32,50 €

Wagyu Burger (130g) | papaya sauce | shallot cheddar | „handmade Focaccia” | Steakhouse fries
16,50 €

Marbled fillet of Canadian beef (250 g) | mashed sweet potatoes | baby vegetable |
35,50 €

The Vesttafel highlights fresh German and International cuisine in its different features.

"Main course-glossary"

What are Poké-Bowls?
The so-called Poké-Bowls are originate from Hawaii, but have been experiencing a real hype in New York and LA.
The most important ingredient for the dish is fish, which is eaten raw like the Japanese Sashimi or Korean Hoedeopbap. Basically, the fatter the fish is, the more tender it tastes when raw. The seasoning is a marinade, which consists of soy sauce, oil and exotic spices like ginger, lime or hot pastes. The base of the dish is rice, quinoa or salad. Add crunchy vegetables and delicious toppings and the exotic excursion is complete.

Heritage Angus Beef (CDN)
The Heritage Angus Beef comes from cattle that originate in the Canadian province of Alberta. These animals grow up in a natural environment and bred without the use of antibiotics, added hormones or steroids. They have never been kept in a cowshed in their life. Framers place a high value on maximum sustainability - from rearing to shipping. The meat is extraordinarily tender and tasty.

Quinoa originates from South America and was the most vital staple food in the Andean culture, such as the Incas. Quinoa is therefore known as Inka-Grain. It´s not a grain like wheat or spelt, but belongs to the amaranth family, such as spinach or beetroot. There are three types of Quinoa: red, white and black. (We only use the black variant.) Quinoa is particularly high in protein and contains all the essential amino acids we need.


Guanaja chocolate crème brûlée
7,50 €

Melon parfait | salted pineapple | lemon balm espuma
8,50 €

Lemon tart | sour cream - elder ice cream | currant
9,50 €

Dessert variation for two - let us surprise you
12,50 €

Café Gourmand:
Espresso or Coffee with three small surprises
8,50 €

Cheese trilogy | fruity mustard | bread selection
11,50 €



ice cream and sorbets:
Sorbet infused with Crémant
7,50 €
Sorbet with Absolut Vodka
9,50 €


Sorbets per scoop / 2,50 €
Mango - Passion fruit
Basil - Mint
Futuro Melon

Ice cream per scoop / 2,00 €
Carmelia - Chocolate
Espresso - Hazelnut

We have a wide range of local and other brand name spirits ready for you. Please ask our service team for recommendations.

It‘s nice when so much hospitality comes under one roof.


Guanaja was the beginning of Valrhona´s “Mariages de Grands Crus” collection and over the years has become an icon. Valrhona chocolate reflects the savoir-faire and expertise of the company. Recognized worldwide by great chefs and gastronomy experts, Guanaja is a concrete example of Valrhona´s commitment to taste. The incomparable aroma profile continues to seduce even the most demanding palates.

Valrhona has created Caramélia to combine the delicacy of caramel with an exciting chocolate. Unlike milk chocolate with caramel flavour, Valrhona uses real caramel based on skimmed milk and butter as the main ingredient, creating a unique creaminess. Taste experiments in the kitchen showed that several years of research were needed to develop a recipe that could be produced on a large scale. This delicious creation presents itself with a delicate, creamy consistency, which is particularly suitable for casting figures.