Every Wednesday


02., 09., 16., 23. & 30. May

Theme in May:
„The Taste of Home“

„Ruhr Festival – Asparagus Festival“

Mild asparagus - ramsons soup


Teres Major | 200g asparagus | potatoes hollandaise sauce or butter

Veggie: 300g asparagus | potatoes | hollandaise sauce or butter


Strawberry rhubarb cassata

Asparagus „Maylights“

Mild cream of ramsons soup
7,50 €


Asparagus strawberry salad | lime mint dressing
12,50 €


Asparagus risotto | grilled gambas
15,50 €


„Handmade“ basil sorbet with Gin
(Monkey47 from the black forest)
10,50 €


From our area „ Schulte-Scherlebecker“ Asparagus
White asparagus (300 g) |salted potatoes|
homemade sauce hollandaise or butter

18,50 €

- Cured or boiled ham 22,50 €
- „Wiener Schnitzel“of lamb 24,50 €
- Teres Major of american beef 26,50 €
(flat filet or Teres Major is as tender as filet but has a stronger taste)
- fillet of sole 34,50 €


„Milkmaid Magnum“ (ice-cream)| strawberry rhubarb salad
8,50 €


“Strammer Max”
Focaccia | Westphalian ham | quail egg | lamb`s lettuce

Smoked ham from the Pyrenees | Manchego cheese | mixed beetroot salad | Spanish olives

Vegetarian Tapas
Mixed beetroot salad | spanish olives | Manchego cheese | marinated radish

Gratinated scallops | couscous salad | lemon garlic jus

Baby-leaf salad | apple-balsamic vinaigrette | prawns fried in rosemary oil | slivers of Parmesan

Wagyu Carpaccio| Parmesan | lime oil | wild herbs

Truffled Tagliarini | freshly planed truffles


Veal-essence | mushroom ravioli | root vegetables

Cellery- Vanilla- soup | carrot- crisps

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Main course

“Beluga lentil pot” | Cashew-mozzarella | caramelized pumpkin

Wagyu Burger (130g) | fig-honey sauce | onions | cheddar | handmade Focaccia | Steakhouse fries

“Wiener Schnitzel” made of veal | warm potato salad | arugula | lingonberry

“Fish sticks” Saint-Pierre-Filet | herb coating | spinach | potato mash | mustard- foam sauce

Corn poulard filled with herbs | Fregola risotto | sauteed roots | thyme-lemon foam


Heritage Angus Beef rump steak onion-mustard crust | fried potatoes | dill and cucumber salad
200 g 25,50
300 g 32,50

Truffled Tagliarini | roasted slices of filet | truffel foam

Natural Irish Beef:
Finely marbled medallion of beef filet (200g) | parsnips mash | beans | beacon | onion jus

Braised ox cheeks | dumpling | hispi cabbage caramelized slices of apple | port wine jus

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"Main course-glossary"

Australian Wagyu beef
The Wagyu is a breed of cattle originally from Japan and the world's most expensive domestic cattle. Oakleigh Ranch's Wagyu beef - which stems from the Kobe breed - is raised in Eastern Australia in a natural environment with a strong emphasis on animal welfare. The end result is exceptional. It's famous for its uniquely distinctive marbling and rich, sweet, buttery taste. This tender delicacy is one of the world's juiciest. Oakleigh Ranch Wagyu beef comes minus any artificial additives, growth hormones, steroids or antibiotics. The natural, high-welfare breeding programme within the breed itself guarantees the meat's purity.

Label Rouge
Label Rouge is an official endorsement from France of the superior quality of food. It was created in 1965 at the instigation of French poultry producers who place greater emphasis on traditional, natural livestock farming. You can enjoy our breast of guinea fowl with a clear conscience.

Heritage Angus beef (CDN)
Canadian Heritage Angus Beef Heritage Angus Beef stems from cattle from the Canadian province of Alberta. These animals are raised by cows, kept purely for the young to suckle from, and are given no antibiotics or artificial hormones. They will never be kept in a cowshed at any time in their lives. Producers place huge emphasis on maximum sustainability - from rearing to shipping. The meat is exceptionally tender and full of taste.

Natural Irish beef
The meat from Irish pasture-fed oxen is particularly tender. Combined with Ireland's climate, the green pastures are the ideal habitat for the animals. Salty air, plenty of room to move about and a healthy diet guarantee the excellent, finely grained and attractively marbled quality of the meat.

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Blood orange- crème brûlée

Sweets in glass | plum compote | lemon crunch hazelnut-cream | plum sherbet

Cream and cake from Valrhona chocolate | vanilla ice cream | candied grapefruit

Variation of desserts – let yourself be surprised

Café Gourmand:
espresso or coffee with three little sweets

Cheese-trilogy | fruity mustard | variation of bread


Ice cream and sorbets:
Sorbet with Crémant poured on top
Sorbet with Absolut Vodka

Sorbets per scoop / 3,00
Passion fruit

Ice cream per scoop/ 2,50
Espresso brittle


We can offer a choice of fine brandies. Please ask our service team.


Lantenhammer brandies
Many of our brandies come from the famous Lantenhammer Distillery. Since it was founded in 1928, the distillery's headquarters have been in the Alps of Upper Bavaria. This well-known location for holidays is where the company produces its popular fruit brandies and liqueurs. The distillery is a family-run company that has been managed by the Stetter family for generations.

Lantenhammer products all stand apart for their high quality and exceptional aromas. The company ensures its products are all top quality by using traditional production methods. The Stetter family produces all fruit brandies and liqueurs by hand. This starts with the careful selection of the fruit used and continues with gentle and slow distilling. It ends with maturing the brandies, frequently over several years, in special clay kegs, or finally in rare SLYRS Bavarian Single Malt Whisky barrels for several months.

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