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The Parkhotel Engelsburg and also our restaurant “Vesttafel” are closed for the time being.

During this time you can reach us
Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. by phone: 0049- 2361 - 201-0.
Your emails will be read, processed and replied promptly.

Dear guests, we wish you a lot of health and look forward to seeing you again! Take care.

Your team from the Parkhotel Engelsburg & Restaurant Vesttafel


Vesttafel-Tapas for two
Ham and sausages of the “Bentheimer pig”
barley salad | “Spundekäs” | garlic mushrooms
19,90 €

Grilled prawns
young lettuce | plum-lime-dressing
14, 90 €

Carpaccio of Wagyu parmesan | orange oil
16,90 €

“Kassler” froth | fennel | chorizo | tomatoes
14,90 €

Truffled tagliatelle
planed truffles | parmesan
14,90 €
19,90 €



7,90 €

Forest mushroom-essence
7,90 €

7,90 €

Vesttafel - eat, drink and enjoy!


What is Spundekäs?
Spundekäs is a traditional curd from the Land of Hesse.

What is Wagyu Beef?
The Wagyu is a breed of cattle originally from Japan and the world’s most expensive domestic cattle. Wagyu beef – which stems from the Kobe breed – is raised in a natural environment with a strong emphasis on animal welfare and is entirely free of artificial additives, growth hormones, steroids or antibiotics. The natural and species-appropriate breeding programme guarantees the meat’s purity

What is Pulpo?
Pulpo, (octopus), is the biggest family member of the squids. You can find it worldwide in warm ocean zones, where the water temperature does not exceed 20 degrees. Our pulpo comes from the Mediterranean Sea and is always fresh because of the short distance.

What is Tom-Kha-Gai?
Tom-Kha-Gai is an spicy, creamy soup from Vietnam, based on chicken broth and coconut milk.

Main course

Beef roulade „classic“
potato-onion-purée | Recklinghäuser-Allerlei
24,90 €

Ox cheek
celery puree | pearl onion | coffee jus
24,90 €

Original Wiener Schnitzel
lukewarm potato-salad | cranberry
26,90 €

Rump steak of Heritage Angus Canadian Beef (200g)
onion-mustard-crust | fried potatoes | dill-cucumber-salad
29,90 €

Wagyu Burger (180g)
plum chutney | cheddar | lamb's lettuce
„handmade Brioche” | steakhouse fries
19,90 €

Avocado-Quinoa-Burger (120g)
“handmade Brioche“| lamb's lettuce | plum chutney
14,90 €



„Fish finger“ (from our series „Modern Classics“)
Cod fillet | oat-panko-breading
Fregola risotto | mushroom-shallots-chutney
24,90 €

„To the pots, ready, GO“
cod | pulpo | vegetables
18,90 €
„Vegan barley-stew“
-vegetables | curry | tofu
„Barley-“Kassler”-stew “
16,90 €

The Vesttafel highlights fresh German and International cuisine in its different features.

"Main course-glossary"

What is Crying Tiger?
„Crying Tiger“ is a traditional Thai dish also known as Suea Rong Hai – in fish sauce marinated meat sautéd with garlic, coriander, chilli and ginger. A legend says that this Thai dish is so delicious it even sets a tiger off crying. Slices of beef are compared with the tigers tears. But it´s only a myth…;-)

What are Nordic Nature Beef & Heritage Angus Beef?
Freygaard Nordic Nature Beef stands for high quality cows (heifer), which are bred and raised on traditional farms in Finland. They enjoy planty of exercise, feed exclusivly on grass and grow up in a breath-taking. To make sure that no hormones are used for the breading constantly inspections are carried out on the herd.
The Heritage Angus Beef comes from cattle that originate in the Canadian province of Alberta. These animals grow up in a natural environment and bred without the use of antibiotics, added hormones or steroids. They have never been kept in a cowshed in their life. Framers place a high value on maximum sustainability - from rearing to shipping. The meat is extraordinarily tender and tasty.

What are Poké-Bowls?
The so-called Poké-Bowls are originate from Hawaii, but have been experiencing a real hype in New York and LA.
The most important ingredient for the dish is fish, which is eaten raw like the Japanese Sashimi or Korean Hoedeopbap. Basically, the fatter the fish is, the more tender it tastes when raw. The seasoning is a marinade, which consists of soy sauce, oil and exotic spices like ginger, lime or hot pastes. The base of the dish is rice, quinoa or salad. Add crunchy vegetables and delicious toppings and the exotic excursion is complete.

What is Fleur de Sel?
Fleur de Sel is during the evaporation of sea water obtained sea salt. The french designation means translated word-for-word „flower of the salt“. The production of Fleur del Sel is highly timeconsuming. The sun evaporates the sea water in artificial basins, the sea salt crystallizes at its surface and has to be regularly skimmed by hand with wooden hooks.

What is Caramélia?
Valrhona has created Caramélia to combine the delicacy of caramel with an exciting chocolate. Unlike milk chocolate with caramel flavour, Valrhona uses real caramel based on skimmed milk and butter as the main ingredient, creating a unique creaminess. Taste experiments in the kitchen showed that several years of research were needed to develop a recipe that could be produced on a large scale. This delicious creation presents itself with a delicate, creamy consistency, which is particularly suitable for casting figures.


Tonka bean-Nougat-Crème brûlée
8,90 €

chocolate „half baked“
red fruit jelly | cacao sponge
8,90 €

Apple crumble cake | saffron mousse | pear sorbet
8,90 €

Mascarpone | red cabbage ice cream | micro-pistachio-biscuit
8,90 €

„Café Gourmand“
espresso or coffee with three little snacks
9,90 €

Dessert variation for two
Let us surprise you….
16,90 €




Sorbets per scoop / 2,50 €
Sea Buckthorn-Quince

Ice cream per scoop / 2,00 €
Carmelia - Chocolate

We have a wide range of exclusive spirits ready for you. Please ask our service team for recommendations.

It‘s nice when so much hospitality comes under one roof.

Bon Appetit

and an enjoyable evening wishes you our Team of the Vesttafel:
Head-chef Dustin Burbaum
with Sous-chef Dustin Burbaum and their colleagues:
Lukas van Haren
Justin Wieczorek
Jan Mörschner
Melanie Geschwentner
Jetone Rama
Anna Schnetger
Dennis Honisch

Restaurant Manager Christina Mauk
and her deputy Sebastian Benz
with our service crew:
Aylin Steinmetz
Lena Thiel
Anika Drinkuth
Gianluca Cinquemani